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2015-01-08 01.36.53 2.jpg

I have always been inspired by the people in my life and the experiences that I have with them. The people closest to me have inspired me to grow and expand as an artist, they have inspired the different directions my art has taken, and they inspire my journey as a professional artist.


Many of the experiences I particularly enjoy are ones that I have while outside: landscaping, hiking, rock climbing, foraging, and surfing. Details of those experiences find their way into my art as well: they inform the textures that I use, the colors that I look for. It could range from the weather beaten warped form of an old tree growing out of a rock on top of a peak in Yosemite, to the knotted limb of a sand-smoothed piece of beachwood. And so, I frequently find myself creating art with textures that are raw, organic, and earthy. 



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