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Kiln Patron

An Olsen 16 Gas Kiln, with a capacity of 16 cubic feet

Since it's beginning in the spring, SVEN Ceramics has been a gratifying and enjoyable journey that has taught both of us more than we can say. It has been our pleasure to partake in our first craft fair in July, and to craft the cappuccino and espresso cups for an up and coming San Francisco restaurant, Oro. We have launched an online shop, and the interest in our product is growing. 

At this point, we have been presented with a timely opportunity to grow, ourselves: the perfect kiln has become available in Petaluma.

The situation is unique, as the kiln's current owner is an old man who is currently in hospice care. A woman is selling it for him.

It just so happens that it is the perfect size for our small ceramics business--about twice the size of our current kiln--and is in perfect condition. Our own gas-fired kiln will not be able to handle the load we've been putting it through for too much longer, and so it seems that this opportunity comes not a moment too soon. Moreover, the kiln is being offered at a fraction of its true value. 


And so, we are seeking Patronage


In short, we are seeking someone to fund our acquisition of the kiln either in full, or in part. The cost of the kiln is $2,500.


For our part, in addition to our gratitude in having you as our patron,

it would be our pleasure to make your pottery dreams come true!


As our Patron,

a choice of options is yours... 


A Full Kitchenware Set from our Presidio Line: 


    6   Dinner Plates

   6   Salad Plates

   6   Soup Bowls

   6   Tumblers

   6   Small Coffee Cups

   6   Large Mugs

   2   Pitchers

   2   Large Vases

   1   Large Centerpiece Bowl

   1   Mortar and Pestle 

   1   Large Serving Platter


This kitchenware set would be glazed in the color of your choice:

Shino, Classic White,

or Cornflower Blue. 


All of our ceramics are high-fired, making them not only durable, but dishwasher, oven, 

and microwave safe.

Please allow for 3 months for completion.


Personalized Artwork of Your Choosing: 


Sven's abilities as an artist are broad , and his work is not limited to art suited solely for the indoors. Commissioned projects have included large wall sculptures, sets of hangable planters, mosaics, fleets of expressive masks that interact with each other, fountains, and handrails, among others. If this option is chosen, he will consult with you to find out what would suit the space you are most looking to have adorned, either inside or out of your house. The art can be merely aesthetic, or functional. It is up to you. The project's value will equal that of the patronage. 



Unfortunately, the nature of the situation is one that requires quick decisions. 


If you are interested in backing our kiln acquisition, or are even just thinking about it, please let us know!


If not, we understand completely, and we thank you for your time, consideration, and support, truly.  

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