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 The Artist

Hi, my name is Sven. 

Actually, my name is Stephen, but many years ago at a summertime music camp my friends decided that that "Stephen" was too long, and wanted to give me a nickname. There were already too many Steve's, and one of them said, "Sven!". It's stuck ever since, and now I'm only called Stephen by relatives and childhood friends. And the bank, of course. 

Sven Ceramics actually began at that very same music camp, but many many years before that fateful nicknaming summer. It was there in the woods of the Sierras, among the trees and near the pond, that I first was taught how to handle clay. I was just a boy then, but my passion for it never faded. And so when it came to choosing what to study in school, the decision had already been made. 

At San Francisco State University I had the good fortune to have great teachers, among them David Kuraoka. What I learned during my time there was invaluable, and I've since taken those skills into the creation of my own studio--what has now become Sven Ceramics. 

However, life is rarely 'as the crow flies', and mine is no exception. Since finishing college, I have lived with a deliberate community that focuses on sensuality. I have also made a living as a landscaper, something I greatly enjoy, as it lets me be outside and work with my hands. I love the design aspect of landscaping as well, transforming one space into something completely different. Sometimes the job has included custom made ceramics—which is always a job that gives me particular pleasure. 

It wasn’t till this year, 2015, that Sven Ceramics was incarnated though. After much encouragement from friends and family, I decided to go for making pottery and art not just as a hobby, but as a profession. Working with clay and creating functional art for the kitchen, as well as art with no purpose other than to be looked at and enjoyed, gives me great pleasure. 


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