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Winter 2018-2019



Photo by SF Eater




Wholesome Bakery

San Francisco, CA


When Mandy reached out to us last year about making ceramics for her, we were honored to have the opportunity to play a part in the opening of her new bakery on Divisadero.  Mandy's request was that the mugs and plates be unique, inviting us to play and be creative, and so many of them are utterly one-of-a-kind. We think her bakery is a wonderful addition to the city, and we are proud to make ceramics for it and for her! 



Lazy Bear

San Francisco, CA


We are delighted to announce that we are currently collaborating with chef and owner David Barzelay of Lazy Bear to craft ceramics for his renowned San Francisco restaurant. Some of our bowls designed especially for Barzelay and some of our plates are already in use at the restaurant, while more unique bowls and plates are on their way. 


Past Projects:

Samovar Tea

San Francisco, CA

It was our pleasure to collaborate with fine tea purveyor Samovar Tea to craft mugs for their newest location! Setbacks have delayed it's opening, but stay tuned, and soon it will be our mugs in your hands when you get your delicious tea next time at a Samovar Tea Lounge near you!

June 2017

Bean Cycle Roasters

Fort Collins, CO

We so enjoyed making the mugs and cups for Lesley at Bean Cycle Roasters. One of our favorite things about making custom ceramics is collaborating to bring to life what our clients have been envisioning, and it was a pleasure to do so for her and Bean Cycle. 

September 2017

Luke's Drug Mart

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Luke's Drug Mart made us an international business! They currently serve coffee out of our ceramics, made in a black glaze that was created specially for them. We so enjoyed crafting espresso-based coffee cup and saucer sets and pastry plates for Luke's to serve out and off of in their cafes, and to be sold in their store. We look forward to one day being able to go to Calgary and visit them!

April 2017

Flour and Water

2401 Harrison Street,  San Francisco

It has been our pleasure to work with Chef Evan Allumbaugh at Flour and Water in the Mission to craft bowls and pottery to showcase his creations. Lovers of food ourselves, it feels just ideal to collaborate with chefs who seek to be inspired by our pottery. Flour and Water currently has a collection of our shallow bowls. 

June 2016



The Brown Palace

Denver, CA


We enjoyed working with chef Garrett Caspar to create the ceramics he had envisioned for so long. We are tickled knowing that they now reside in the hotel visited by almost every US President  that has been in office since they opened in 1892.

The Mill

 736 Divisadero Street,  San Francisco

Beginning with a conversation late 2015, the first iteration of our collaboration with the owners of Four Barrel Coffee could be found at their joint venture with Josey Baker Bread, The Mill, on Divisadero. It was our pleasure to work with them, and we cannot describe how delighted we were to have our ceramics in their beautiful space--not to mention having them as vessels for such delicious coffee and baked goods every day!

Photo by Madison Kreuger

Four Barrel Coffee

 375 Valencia Street,  San Francisco

When we first started our pottery business, we day-dreamed about what it would be like to have our ceramics in Four Barrel, never dreaming that it would actually become a reality. Four months later we got an email out of the blue... It was a great journey, and we were proud to have our ceramics as the vessels for Four Barrel coffee, all day every day. We crafted their cup and saucer sets, as well as handled mugs for two years. 


8 Mint Plaza,  San Francisco


The first restaurant to feature our ceramics was Oro of San Francisco. We could not imagine a better place for such an auspicious moment in both of our careers than this one: the new endeavor in the form of a beautiful partnership between restraunteur Timothy Felkner and chef Jason Fox , and having our ceramics be a part of it.  


We were delighted that their delicious coffees (and soups!) were served in the cappucino and espresso cups and saucers that we designed expressly for Oro. We enjoyed working closely with Tim to create the unique-yet-classic design that we felt stood most for what Oro was about.


September 2015